To be hybrid is to be composed of at least two things that are different. It is not original, it is a hybrid. It is different. It doesn’t belong. It is wrong.

It is through this difference that identity is formed. The hybrid is something new and so the original changes. It becomes simplified and essentialized. The hybrid destabilizes the original’s sense of being. What was once thought of as the norm realizes its borders and structures are just as fluid and uncertain as the hybrid. It is itself composed of many differences.


Daniel Altmejd, The Index, 2007
Mixed-media installation

The werewolf is in a state of change. Decapitated during transformation, this form metaphases, sprouts crystals and these crystals to mirrors.


The hybridizing nature of interpersonal relationships: Nick and Shelia Pye


Dream of Colour
chromogenic print, 2004


light jet print, 2005


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