I am interested in using the concept of “bricolage” in an Art classroom. The simplest way to describe bricolage is “make creative and resourceful use of whatever materials are to hand (regardless of their original purpose)” but it can be applied to a variety of uses.

Bricolage is essential to do-it-yourself projects, especially the Punk movement in the U.K.

The punk movement left behind the D.I.Y. art of zine-making, which uses found images, text, photo, drawing, printing, and digital manipulation to create personal/social/political pamphlets. Pervasive and subversive, zines are an archetypal postmodern art medium.

Zine artist Sonja Ahlers:



Use of bricolage has extended into the fashion subculture in Tokyo’s Harajuku district.


Content moves from what is at hand to going out and finding cultural products and reworking them to meet new needs.

The remix becomes a movement in itself.

As we build up sources through bricolage and collaboration we then enter the realm of contagion.


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  1. * kvest says:

    Like Kai, I love this final image. The combination of makeup (the visual) and text on the face is so interesting. It’s like she’s using her body as a collage, or a visual journal. I wish I could read what she’s written.

    Posted 10 years, 11 months ago
  2. * msmye says:

    in the vein of remixing, DIY, and pastiche: (a DIY resource for curious minds and hands) (creative european street fashion)

    Posted 10 years, 11 months ago

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